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You can add stream worker limits to protect your tenants from service downtime caused by abnormal race conditions and CPU usage in stream worker code. These limits are disabled by default.

The following limits are available for stream workers:

  • maxPublishedWorkers: If the specified number of stream workers is exceeded, this limit prevents further stream workers from publishing. This limit only applies at the time of publishing.
  • maxMemoryMBPerWorker: Restricts memory usage per stream worker by MB. Uses c8cep_app_memory metrics.
  • maxWorkersMemoryMB: Restricts memory usage for all stream workers in the tenant by MB. Uses c8cep_app_memory_tenant metrics.
  • maxWorkersCpuSecondsPerMinute: Restricts CPU usage for all stream workers in the tenant by number of seconds. Uses c8cep_app_cpu_tenant_total metrics.
  • maxWorkersThroughputInMBPerMinute: Restricts incoming throughput by MB. Uses c8cep_app_throughput_in_tenant_total metrics.
  • maxWorkersThroughputOutMBPerMinute: Restricts outgoing throughput by MB. Uses c8cep_app_throughput_out_tenant_total metrics.

If any set limits are breached, the stream worker is immediately unpublished.

To set or change stream worker limits:

  1. Log into an administrator account in the _system GeoFabric.
  2. Click TENANTS and select the Platform Limits tab to access the limit options.
  3. In the Limits drop-down box, select CEP.
  4. Update the values and click Update Limits to confirm changes.