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Realtime Updates

This tutorial is about using Macrometa GDN as a realtime database with local latencies across the globe.


Let's assume your

Driver download

  pyC8 requires Python 3.5+. Python 3.6 or higher is recommended

To install pyC8, simply run

$ pip3 install pyC8

or, if you prefer to use conda:

conda install -c conda-forge pyC8

or pipenv:

pipenv install --pre pyC8

Once the installation process is finished, you can begin developing applications in Python.

Code Sample

  from c8 import C8Client
import threading
import pprint
import time

# Variables - URLs
global_url = ""

# Variables - DB
email = "[email protected]"
password = "xxxxx"
geo_fabric = "_system"
collection_name = "ddos"

# Variables - Data
data = [
{"ip": "", "action": "block", "rule": "blacklistA"},
{"ip": "", "action": "block", "rule": "blacklistA"},
{"ip": "", "action": "block", "rule": "blacklistB"},
{"ip": "", "action": "block", "rule": "blacklistA"},
{"ip": "", "action": "block", "rule": "blacklistB"},

pp = pprint.PrettyPrinter(indent=4)

if __name__ == '__main__':

# Step1: Open connection to GDN. You will be routed to closest region.
print("\n1. CONNECT: federation: {}, user: {}".format(global_url, email))
client = C8Client(protocol='https', host=global_url, port=443,
email=email, password=password,

# Step2: Create a collection if not exists
print("\n2. CREATE_COLLECTION: region: {}, collection: {}".format(global_url, collection_name))
if client.has_collection(collection_name):
collection = client.collection(collection_name)
collection = client.create_collection(collection_name)

# Subscriber to receive events when changes are made to collection.
def create_callback():
def callback_fn(event):
client.on_change(collection_name, callback=callback_fn)

# Step3: Subscribe to receive documents in realtime (PUSH model)
print("\n3. SUBSCRIBE_COLLECTION: region: {}, collection: {}".format(global_url, collection_name))
rt_thread = threading.Thread(target=create_callback)
print("Callback registered for collection: {}".format(collection_name))

# Step4: Subscribe to receive documents in realtime (PUSH model)
print("\n4. INSERT_DOCUMENTS: region: {}, collection: {}".format(global_url, collection_name))
client.insert_document(collection_name, document=data)

# Step5: Wait to close the callback.
print("\n5. Waiting to close callback")

# Step6: Delete data.
print("\n6. DELETE_DATA: region: {}, collection: {}".format(global_url, collection_name))