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Macrometa Command Line Interface (CLI) is a command line interface that enables developers to:

  1. Deploy serverless microservices and functions.
  2. Script serverless workflows via GitHub.
  3. Easily learn commands with consistent verbs, nouns, and flags.


  • Install Node.js and npm. We recommend using a version manager such as nvm (Node Version Manager).

Install gdnsl

gdnsl is built with Node.js and installable via npm:

npm install -g gdnsl
# You will need a gdnsl.yaml file to connect to the Macrometa GDN. Execute the `init` command to create the yaml file in local directory.
gdnsl init

Sample gdnsl.yaml:

tenant: [email protected]
apikey: "xxxxxxx"
regions: [ ] # Valid values - LOCAL, ALL, comma separated list of regions.


Macrometa serverless client executable options:

  -h, --help                 Help for gdnsl
-c, --config string gdnsl config file (default is ./gdnsl.yaml)
-v, --version Prints the client version