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Tenant Quotas and Limits

This page describes the rate limits for all PaaS GDN customers. Each quota applies on a per-Region basis unless otherwise specified. Contact if you would like to request higher limits.

The following table shows rate limits for free developer accounts and metered accounts. API calls will be denied once you reach the limit. Quotas are reset every 24 hours.

Name Free Tier Quota Metered Tier Quota
Requests per Day 20000 No limit
Requests per Minute 500 2000
Requests per Second 500 No limit
Storage per Day 200 MB No limit
Document Size 500 KB 500 KB
Documents per Query 1000 1000
Documents Imported per API Call 10000 10000
Query Run Time in Ms 10000 10000
Memory per Query 256 MB 256 MB
Collections per Fabric 10 1000
Graphs per Fabric 2 500
Views per Fabric 2 100
Indexes per Fabric 10 100
Geo Fabrics per Tenant 2 50

The following limits apply to streams:

Name Free Tier Quota Metered Tier Quota
Max Backlog Message TTL in Minutes 1440 1440
Max Dispatch Throttling Rate (Bytes) 4096 4096
Max Backlog Storage for Global Streams (Megabytes) 2048 2048
Max Backlog Storage for Local Streams (Megabytes) 100 100